About taki mundo

The project

A vision makes a school

Quality education in school and professional training are the best things we can give children and youth for their future. This is even more valuable when they have a disability.

What happens when they lack access to necessary support? What are their prospects for a decent life and respect? Those were the concerns troubling Astrid von Reding, the founder of taki mundo, while she was living in Mexico in 2006. In Michoacán, one of the poorest states of Mexico, Astrid witnessed close-up the sad lives of many youth with hearing loss and how this prevented them from having a dignified life within society. Poignant images stayed with her, and for that reason Astrid von Reding reached a decision: “This has to change.”

The dream becomes a school

Today, the unimaginable is a reality! In 2007, taki mundo Institute was established and began serving deaf children. In 2014, the Institute qualified for the ZEWO certification from a Swiss agency for transparent administration of donations.

The specialized school for children and youth with hearing loss located in Uruapan, Michoacán, offers the following programs and services:

  • Four levels of education, serving children from three years of age and youth up to 24 years, offering pre-school through secondary education
  • Bilingual classes (Mexican sign language and spoken language)
  • Primary and secondary education officially recognized, certified by INEA, the Mexican accreditation agency
  • Classes in computer use and silk screen printing
  • Free sign language classes for family members and interested friends
  • Nutritious school meals
  • School transportation service
  • Individualized tutoring and psychological attention

Our commitment

The smile of a child, the light in their eyes and the steady progress of our students are the best reward and the greatest motivation for us.

Our vision

Through officially certified formal education, taki mundo offers youth with hearing loss in Uruapan the possibility of looking forward to a future with opportunities.

We are committed to improving the quality of life of people with hearing loss in Mexico, and to integrating them into society in the long term.

Therefore, we promote understanding between hearing people and the deaf, and try to establish mutual communication.

Our mission

To provide pre-school, primary and secondary education (certified by INEA, the education accreditation agency) to increasing numbers of children and youth with hearing loss who live in extreme poverty. To offer education in sign language and spoken language (bilingual teaching). To also train hearing impaired youth through workshops in computer use and silk screen printing to contribute to improving their quality of life and expanding their chances to participate in society—which would not be possible without taki mundo.

To achieve this, we require:

  • The right to training and work as stipulated in the legal framework
  • Standardized methods of examination for early detection of hearing disability in newborns
  • Hearing aids financed by the state
  • Construction of our own building for the taki mundo school
  • Job opportunities suitable for our graduates


taki mundo is financed exclusively by donations, we do not receive any type of support from the government.

Your donation offers youth with hearing loss access to accredited schooling. You give them a better future.

Categories of donations in support of taki mundo

We send our heartfelt thanks to you for your willingness to provide effective help to youth. Your donation will truly get to where it is needed. The ZEWO certification of transparency is your guarantee. Do you wish to make a one-time donation or to donate regularly? We have four categories of donations which offer different options:

With each donation, you contribute to hope for a better future for Mexican youthwith hearing loss.

Annual support: $ 150.00/Year

$ 100.00 / Month

$ 2,500.00

Taki mundo
Instituto de Educación Especial, A.C.
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Uruapan, Michoacán, México

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